Diamonds are a Girl’s Bestfriend

These diamond tattoos certainly take the old saying, “Diamonds are forever”, literally – although maybe that’s not quite as true as it used to be as far as tattoos are concerned. Regardless, we all know diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend and many of the images in this gallery seek to

Amazing Gorilla Tattoos You’ll Love

Did you now there’s a new Tarzan movie coming out soon starring Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan and Margot Robbie as Jane? Oh, and it features Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Djimon Hounsou and John Hurt. Seriously, look it up, the movie looks awesome. Almost as awesome as these wonderful gorilla

Check Out This Stunning, New ‘Blackout’ Tattoo Trend

Blackout tattoos, a tattoo that fills in large portions of your body with black ink, are becoming an increasingly popular trend within the tattoo community nowadays. It’s almost a response to the increase in popularity of small, hide-able tattoos by tattoo newbies – some vets are upping their game with

OUCH! Bottom of the Foot Tattoos You Must See!

If you’ve ever been ticked on the bottom of your feet on stepped on a stray Lego brick then you’re well aware of just how sensitive the bottom of your foot can be. That’s what makes this gallery so outrageous. These feet tattoos had to hurt! It takes a brave

Stunning Lace Tattoos

Lace is a delicate fabric lorded for its soft texture, intricate web-like pattern and rich roots. Originally lace was made only of linen, silk, gold or silver threads, which have all been expensive materials only purchasable by people who were quite financially well off. Nowadays lace is usually made by

Badass Tattoo-ception

Hey, I heard you like tattoos, so we put tattoos on your tattoos! Okay, maybe that reference is a little dated, but these tattoos certainly aren’t. A lot of people, and apparently animals, simply look better with tattoos. Tattoos gives them character, accentuate their muscles and curves, and – most importantly

Bas Ass Inner Lip Tattoos

Inner lip tattoos are a bit of oddity as far as tattoos go. Most people who get tattoos are looking for a beautiful artistic design that holds some sort of special meaning or significance for that, something that’s going to last forever. Inner lip tattoos don’t. Have you ever bit or

Amazing Inner Ear Tattoos

Following up on our inner tattoos extravaganza – if you missed it, we also talked about inner lip tattoos today here – let’s talk about inner ear tattoos. If the internet is to be believed, we should caution you about getting an inner ear tattoo because it could hurt your chances

Badass Cover Up Tattoos

We all make mistakes. Sometimes things happen to us outside our realm of control, sometimes we’re just young and dumb. What matters is what we do after those mistakes are made. Do you wallow in self-loathing or pick yourself up by your boot straps and make things right? These people decided

Prince Fans Show Off Their Prince Tribute Tattoos

  In the wake of artist Prince's tragic death many fans came out to show tribute by tattooing Prince on their bodies.  The images that fans sported of his life were portraits, song lyrics, imagery from famous songs and the Price symbol itself.   [divider]  *To see MORE and learn about some of the

10 Celebrity Tattoos Explained

Meghan Fox - The tattoo on her ribs says "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART” Tommy Lee - The lips on his neck are a stencil of ex girlfriend Mayte Garcia's pout, coincidentally Ms. Garcia was also married to the late

Epic Vintage Tattoo Flash

In the first days of tattooing, tattoos were worn by sailors, soldiers and outlaws.  Traditional tattooing was developed and these posters were hung in tattoo shops for customers and clientele to choose their pieces from.  These epic vintage tattoo flash pieces were hand painted and kept as a visual record

Lingerie and Tattoos – Need We Say More?

Do you like lingerie and tattoos? How could you not be? Both serve to accentuate feminine beauty in all its forms. If you're like a lot of people, then this gallery may be your perfect storm of tattoos and lingerie. Enjoy. [divider]  *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING

Badass Hand Tattoos

Have you been debating about getting your own hand tattoos ever since our last hand tat gallery? Maybe these badass hand tattoos will help give you that last little push you need. Or maybe you're just looking for some cool-looking hand tattoos to look at while passing the last few