Women Cover Mastectomy Scars with Beautiful yet Intricate Tattoos

When diagnosed with breast cancer, being introduced to the world of tattoos is the last thing on one’s mind. But for many women who are suffering from this disease, this is exactly what happens after the worst has passed. What these women are left with is a painful reminder of

Pink Ribbon Tattoos

October is *Breast Cancer Awareness Month*  Breast Cancer has been on the rise since the 1950's but annual mammograms for women 40 and over have been proven to help with early detection, and they help save lives!! PLEASE SPREAD AWARENESS (not only) THIS MONTH by sharing these stories with those you love... and

Patty: “I didn’t want the scars to be all I saw”

Each month we feature the inspirational and transformative Stories of few post-mastectomy cancer survivors and the artists & ink that help change their lives. Please support these Warrior Women by sharing their stories with those you love! And remember- Get your exams, ladies! -TAM Warrior: Patty Artist: Shane Wallin Shop: Garnet Tattoo Studio, San

Beauty After Surgery: Some women opt for tattoos after mastectomy

By Deborah Bach Reblogged from: http://www.fhcrc.org Even before her mastectomy, Inga Duncan Thornell knew she didn’t want to have her breasts reconstructed. She didn’t want to go through more surgery and didn’t like the idea of implants. So when her husband brought home a book showing a woman with a rose tattoo on her