Holiday Flash Donation Project for Zeke Owen, by Tony Logan

Zeke Owen has been a tremendous mentor and long-time friend to both my late mother and I, and I’ve started a personal mission to put a smile on his face every day from here on out. I’m asking for help from the community to give back to someone who put so much time and passion into this business. I’m asking for tattooers to send in flash paintings and/or prints, letters or anything special that they’d like to donate to the project. This is something I’d like to accomplish by the time I travel up to see him on November 20th, 2017, which makes this a time sensitive project.

If you are interested in sending flash paintings/prints/letters, please send them to the address listed below and contact me with what you’ve sent. I greatly appreciate anyone who respects this effort as much as I do, and it will mean the world to such an important man. 23519266_292631791250922_3011522737846949323_n 

Tony Logan
320 E Oakland Park Boulevard 
Wilton Manors, FL 33334

Phone #: (786) 742-3192/
Instagram @: tlotattooer.












I was asked to write something about Zekebut I’m not a writer by far. I can say that Zeke has done more for tattooing than anyone i know. Zeke is the only person I’ve met that loves tattooing as much as I do. he started tattooing around 1957, and led him to mentor other tattooers who paved the way for us to be able to do what we do. He worked at Sailor Jerry’s next to Johnny Walker while Jerry was out at sea. He traveled all over the world doing what he loved.


After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Zeke has been transitioned into a 24-hour facility so that he may be treated and cared for on an hourly basis. His ideas and thoughts about tattooing before his Alzheimer’s progressed remained relevant to this day. I feel eternally indebted to him and everyone else who paved the way for me to be apart of this thing of ours. Please help me make Zeke smile for the holidays. Love and Respect C/S G/P/F


Tattoo Artist since 1990 and creator/publisher of Tattoo Artist Magazine since 2003

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