5 Must Know Facts About Ankle Tats

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A lot of first time tattoo newbies think about starting their foray into the tattoo community with a small ankle tattoo that they can easily hide with a sock or pants. For those people, and maybe even a few experienced tattoo junkies, here are five things you may want to know about ankle tattoos.

  1. They’re painful.

Ankle, and by extension foot, tattoos are some of the most painful you can get. Unlike the vast majority of your body, your ankle and foot area doesn’t have much flesh or muscle that it can use to dull the pain.

That being said, shading is more painful than line work. So if you’re determined to get your first tattoo on your ankle, at least get something with little to no shading required.

  1. Tiny designs on the foot and ankle are a bad idea.

If you’re getting it behind your ankle, then you’re okay. But anywhere else and your tattoo is going to quickly become a smudgy blob of ink because of how much you use the appendage. Which is why the design can’t be some half-inch micro tattoo.

  1. Not all tattoo artists will do ankle tattoos.

Many refuse to design ankle tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some artists don’t like feet, others have hd bad experiences tattooing ankles, etc, etc. Don’t be surprised if your first choice turns you down.

  1. Aftercare is extra bitchy.

Tattoo aftercare is a pain in the ass at the best of times. For ankle and feet tattoos, it’s especially bad – doubly so if you work somewhere that requires closed shoes. Think about it: you have to keep the part of your body closest to the ground free-and-clear of germs and infection for possibly up to three months!

  1. They fade faster than most.

All tattoos fade over time, but ankle and foot tattoos are some of the worst. You’re going to have to get it touched up much more often any just about any other tattoo you get.

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