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Jeffrey Scott @jeffytattoos

Jeffrey Scott (or Jeffy Scott, as it says on Lucky Bird Tattoo’s website) moved all the way from Coral Springs, Florida to tattoo at Lucky Bird Tattoo in Annapolis, Maryland. He’d dreamt about being a tattoo artist ever since he was 10-years-old and apprenticed under Chris Blinston.

Scott specializes in a wide range of design styles, from neo traditional to color realism. You’ll easily see just how eclectic his talents are, which is understandable when you consider how hard he works at expanding and refining his craft every day.

All that being said, what largely tends to separate Jeffy from other tattoo artists is his attitude (which is saying something considering most tattoo artists are pretty happy and relaxed people). He just might be the happiest tattoo artist on the planet, and you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience getting tattooed by him.

Annapolis, MD

Lucky Bird Tattoo

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