Artist Spotlight – Magdalena Pliszka

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Magdalena Pliszka @pliszkamagdalena 00
Magdalena Pliszka @pliszkamagdalena

Magdalena Pliszka is a Polish tattoo artist who, compared to many of the artists we regularly feature, hasn’t been tattooing for very long. However, her talent far surpasses her years of experience AND she’s already created a unique art style of her own that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pliszka specializes in her own unique sketch-like design style with a splash of watercolors to create the beautiful tattoos you’ll see in the gallery below. You can generally find her at the 9th Circle in Cracow or Redberry Tattoo Studio in Wroclaw, but she also guest tattoos at a variety of studios and conventions all around Europe.

Like what you see below? Then we highly suggest you seek her out for your own Magdalena Pliszka original.

Wroclaw, Poland

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Magdalena Pliszka @pliszkamagdalena 1

Magdalena Pliszka @pliszkamagdalena 2

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