Artist Spotlight – Damien Rodriguez

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Damien Rodriguez @damienrodriguez 00
Damien Rodriguez @damienrodriguez

Damien Rodriguez went through years of hard work and apprenticeship before he started professionally tattooing at the beginning of 2003. He spent four years tattooing in his hometown of Philadelphia before moving to The Big Apple (aka New York City) in 2007. He’s been tattooing in New York ever since, refining his abilities as he constantly attempts to outdo himself with each new tattoo design.

Damien specializes in traditional Japanese and American themed tattoo designs. Far Eastern lore and American nostalgia are what he’s passionate about, which is why you’ll find them throughout most of the tattoos featured below.

If you’re looking for a traditional Japanese or American tattoo, we suggest booking Damien Rodriguez immediately.

New York, New York

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