Artist Spotlight – Derek Turcotte

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Derek Turcotte @drkturcotte0
Derek Turcotte @drkturcotte

Derek Turcotte is a tattoo artist who specializes in new school tattoos and works out of Canmore, Alberta Canada. He’s so good that many people consider him to be the new school tattoo master, and be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery below before you start to disagree.

That being said, his style isn’t entirely new school focused. It’s a unique blend of realism and new school coupled with over-exaggerated illustrative drawings that combine to create unique collages you won’t see anywhere else. He excels with color and his talent oozes out of each tattoo he designs. If you have a chance to get a tattoo done by Derek Turcotte, do not pass up the opportunity.

Canmore, Alberta Canada

Electric Grizzly Tattoo

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Derek Turcotte @drkturcotte1

Derek Turcotte @drkturcotte2

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