Artist Spotlight – Christian Marek

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As far as paying homage to his mentors, Christian is extremely grateful and vocal about who helped him along his journey. Josh Hagen and Carl Grace have been extremely influential to Marek for their use of color fusion and erratic color palettes. While working with them at Sacred Art Tattoo studio in Tucson, AZ, Carl and Josh contributed to changing Marek’s idea of black – they both told him to use more black, and to let himself go. They showed him more about black and grey than anyone else ever has. If it wasn’t for those two Christian himself says he wouldn’t be where he is today. That stepping stone in his career was the most influential.  Mike Devrees is also a good friend of Christian’s who played a large role in shaping his career.

Christian has immense respect for his industry and the people in it, he is very outspoken about that fact. What largely differentiates Christian from other artists in the industry is his passionate desire to make the client experience one they will treasure for the rest of their lives.  I have personally experienced Marek tattoo a large scale trash polka piece on a newbie, he not only made it a point to make this client’s experience one he would never forget but he far surpassed my expectations as well.  To adequately describe the experience, it felt like a comedy routine with great music bumping in the background and constant updates on where Christian was in the tattoo and what he still had to do to finish.  We were all shocked at how easily the client sat for a 7 hour tattoo his first go around, and that is testament to Marek’s ability to put the client at ease and enrich the experience.

Christian is sponsored by: Black Flys, Ink- EEZE, Waterloo, Bishop Rotary, Fusion Ink, DeathlessCords, Stencil Stuff, Redemption and Sullen Clothing.

Christian has 3 kids, Anthony, 20 ashly, 19 and Sophia, 4 his kids are his everything.

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