Artist Spotlight – Josh Duffy

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Josh Duffy @josh_duffy15

Josh Duffy @josh_duffy

Josh Duffy was born to be an artist. In the bio on his site he mentions trying to walk away from his calling multiple times but still always ending up with a pencil or brush in his hands. He comes from an artistic family but has complimented his genes with years of practice, which allows him to create the exquisite works of art you’ll see in the gallery below.

Duffy specializes in black-and-grey designs but can provide clients with any sort of tattoo they desire. He tattoos out of Timeline Gallery in San Pedro, California and is available for anyone seeking to get tattooed by a master of the craft.

Black Castle Art Co.

 Peoria, Arizona

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Josh Duffy @josh_duffy2

Josh Duffy @josh_duffy3

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