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Linkin Park, Tool, Pearl Jam, the list of popular rock bands goes on and on – and no, we’re not here to argue what’s rock and what’s not. We’re just here to give you a badass tattoo gallery that you won’t find anywhere else, and today we’re focusing on tattoos featuring popular American rock bands.

Music inspires a lot of things, giving music lovers a lot of different symbols and icons to work with when creating their design. It could be the logo of your favorite album or something from your favorite song lyric. The possibilities are endless, and we hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do.

Garagem Tattoo & Moda @garagemtattoomoda
Garagem Tattoo & Moda @garagemtattoomoda (Linkin Park)


Steve Patnaude @stevepatnaude
Steve Patnaude @stevepatnaude (TOOL)

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