WTF Were These People Thinking?!

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We feature dozens of gorgeous tattoos in galleries and articles every day here at Tattoo Artist Magazine. While we prefer to look at the brighter side of that tattoo industry, sometimes we also have to take a look at the less attractive side and remind you what bad tattoos look like. Fans of your last bad tattoo gallery are sure to love these 20 ridiculous tattoos. All we can do is scratch our heads in astonishment at how these tattoos ever came to be.

Seriously, WTF were these people thinking when they decided to get these tattoos? Did they lose a high stakes bet? Do they have a mental deficiency of some kind? Maybe they just don’t have any friends, because friends don’t let friends get poor tattoos.

Granted calling some of these outright bad tattoos is a bit mean. The Mario tattoo for example…oh boy. We’re pretty sure lovers of our gaming tattoo gallery would not approve.

Never get a tattoo if you’re drunk, and a lost bet should never have permanent stakes like getting a bad tattoo for life. Please people, don’t be like those you see here and tattoo responsibly. Only you can prevent embarrassing bad tattoo decisions.




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