Adventurous Nautical Tattoos

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There’s something hauntingly beautiful about old nautical imagery. Wooden ships creaking quietly through the night, ominous lighthouses rhythmically cutting through fog, the rare and unknown that toils away in the depths below a constantly rocking surface. There’s a reason people still get tattoo designs focused around the sailor imagery of yesteryear.

These images call to our base nature of wonder and exploration. The sea stands as the final frontier and the platform by which the last frontier was made possible. Pilgrims and immigrants braved the open oceanic waters in search of a better home, a place of paradise. While they may not have found the warm welcoming they sought, they did find a land full of discovery with unique untold riches.

Tattoos like the ones featured in the gallery below speak to the adventurer trapped inside a mundane, largely claimed and discovered world. The thirst to brave the unknown and revere its treasures – not those of gold or silver, but of the unknown and undiscovered.

Of course, you don’t have to be an adventurer to appreciate the artistry behind these nautical tattoos, but its purveyors of the open waters that ten to get such tattoos. The ships you see below wouldn’t be done justice sitting trapped in a bottle for all of eternity.

Do you feel the call of the deep blue? The call of the unknown? If so then maybe you should get a similar nautical tattoo of your own. Perhaps a ship of your own design? Or maybe a depiction of the otherworldly creatures you wish to discover along your journey?

Whatever the case, we here at Tattoo Artist Magazine hope you enjoy the clear artistic talent featured in the gallery below. We know we do.

Thomas Carli jarlier @thomascarlijarlier
Thomas Carli jarlier @thomascarlijarlier


Steve Butcher @stevebutchertattoos


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