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OK, so here’s a tricky question – What were your thoughts of tattoo tv shows before becoming involved and how did your opinions change over time, if they have?

It’s just another one of those double edged swords. It brings a lot more people into tattooing, which is bad because you have shop after shop after shop now opening in every town, but you also get a lot of new, fresh artists with a new outlook on tattooing. There are a lot of people who come into shops with no tattoo etiquette period, but then there’s a lot more people getting tattooed. I feel like the best thing about Ink Master as opposed to other shows is that it teaches people how to look at portfolios. People can win awards all they want, and promote all they want but that does nothing for their craft. Clients should be aware that even though you heard someone is the best they actually may not be. And just because you can do portraits does NOT mean you are good at traditional. There are plenty of styles I’m not good at, which at home I don’t attempt.

Yeah, every client deserves to have a GOOD tattoo! If one artist isn’t skilled in a certain style, or their customer wants a piece that’s out of their range, that artist has a real responsibility to direct that person to another professional who can DO what the person is asking for. 

What’s happened in your career since being on the show? What other good things can you say about the experience, and what’s next for Mr. Halo in life and career?

I’ve always stayed more than busy with my career, but’s it’s reached a new level after the show. My studio is always jam packed with old and new clients, we’re busy, and it’s a great thing. Also, after the show I’m constantly traveling around the globe attending conventions and meeting more and more great people. You can see where I’m going on my website As far as the future, at the start of the year I was able to acquire and redevelop some new products for SystemOne Tattoo Products. I use every product from them with every tattoo that I do. And in life in general, this May I’m getting married to the most amazing woman I could ever imagine, so I’d say 2016 is going to be a great year.

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Thanks for the chat, Halo! Good luck in life, business & marriage; we wish you the best! Keep up the good work and keep sharing your work with us! Thanks again to Helios for making this happen. 


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