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To keep on this for just another minute or two, traditional apprenticeships have a way of building character and they do it through teaching respect and appreciation for people and for the craft of tattooing, itself. It’s an amazing opportunity for those determined enough to learn tattooing in the traditional way. And it opens artists up to not just the technical & historical aspects of tattooing, but to a wide range of artistic possibilities as well.

Exactly! Tattooing is a medium, a gateway drug that flowed me into other things in the art world. I think art as a whole has changed my perspective completely. Tattooing has just been an amazing outlet to give me something to really strive for, something that didn’t depend on other people. In a way, it definitely has taught me discipline, because it all depends on me. How willing am I to improve? How much will I commit to something to make myself better at it? And it started with learning the basics.

Where has your art and work grown over the years and what do you most enjoy doing?

My favorite things to tattoo is what I draw. Since most of what I do is all freehanded on the skin, its safe to say that I like to tattoo in the moment. I haven’t committed myself to a style as I’d like to learn and grow into an artist, not box myself into an artist. I tend to like realism. I like looking at things and analyzing colors, trying to match them and trying to understand contrast shifts, muting and activating colors, and tonal differences. However, on the COMPLETE opposite side I LOVE doing fun, bold line cartoony stuff. The real holy crap in your face color popping madness! Mixing styles is a lot of fun between the two and very challenging. I think its safe to say that I just love to tattoo. Any style. I love working on projects and making things come to life. I like seeing progress in myself. The ability to look back and see the fruits of my hard work. I love to listen to people and give my advice. I love to be expressive and use art to cope with life in general. I hate doing tedious work and enjoy spontaneity. Tattooing couldn’t be a better career for me. I think it chose me more than I chose it.

And then came Ink Master…hahaha. What about that whole experience…

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