10 Fantastic Scar Cover-Up Tattoos

Scars are body art we don’t get a choice in. They simply happen over the course of our lives and stay as permanent reminders of an event or period of our life. Sure, they may fade over time and there are a bunch of ways we can mask or hide them, but they’re always there nevertheless.

A lot of people revel in their scars, happily answering inquiries and boasting about how they were obtained. Some people don’t want to trade war stories though. Sure, that c-section scar might remind you of the child you love dearly, but that doesn’t mean you love the scar just as much.

Tattoos allow you to take control of your scars. They won’t take the scar away, but they give you the ability to make the scars your own. We all want to feel like we have full control over our body image, and tattoos give you the ability to do that with each and every blemish.

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Tattooing scars isn’t all about hiding them either. People in the former camps, those who like to boast about their scars, can use to tattoos to draw attention to their scars and heighten its overall visual appeal.

The gallery shows all sorts of examples of how people have used tattoos to cover scars, like the ink quill, or heighten them, like the Freddy Krueger claw scratch. A lot of artists enjoy the challenge behind scar tattoo designs and will gladly help someone retake control of their body image. (For a fee of course, tattoo artists have to eat too.)

If you have a scar you’d like taken care of or heighten, hopefully the gallery below will give you a few ideas as to how you can approach using a tattoo in tandem with your scar to achieve the desired results.

Rachel Wyatt @rachelwyatttattoo
Rachel Wyatt




Tatiana Rodríguez @tatianatatuadora
Tatiana Rodríguez








Mike Tidwell @hiddenhandtattoo
Mike Tidwell






Ian @simplytattoo

Unknown Artist


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