For the ladies: Hunky Tattoo Photos

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If you’ve been following Tattoo Artist Magazine for a while then you’re probably familiar with our running series of gallery articles. Through these articles we’ve featured hundreds of pictures showcasing various tattoos, many of which we pull from fan Instagram accounts or from direct submissions.

While we strive for diversity, we’ve noticed that a lot of our tattoo galleries tend to feature attractive female models and tattoo enthusiasts. To be fair, they’re indicative of the majority. According to recent surveys, women are more likely to have tattoos than men. Coupled with the effective marketing value placed on images with attractive female figures and it only makes sense that many of the pictures sent to use would feature tattoos on bodacious woman.

However, we here at Tattoo Artist Magazine try to strive for both variety and equality. It’s not fair for us feature so many attractive women without giving men a shot as well, which is why we’re giving you the gallery featured below – ten images of tatted-up, manly hunks.

We hope this helps make up for any gender inequality or unfairness some of you may feel from our past tattoo gallery articles.

That being said, we can only work with what we’re given. If the only images people share with us feature tattoos on attractive women, then those are the photos we’re going to work with. We’re dedicated to bringing you pictures of the most unique and high quality tattoos we can find regardless of who they’re placed on. If you want to see a greater variety of people featured in our gallery articles, share some of your favorite tattoos with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

The power is ultimately in your hands. Until next time, enjoy the hunky tattoo goodness below. Hopefully you’ll find something that’ll inspire your next tattoo.






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