Try Your Tattoo Before You Buy? Whaaaaat?

There is a new product on the market that could transform how many people shop for tattoos and assist those who are reluctant make a decision about a tattoo while also helping artists increase deposits, reduce cancelled appointments, and drive even more business to tattoo studios around the world.

Momentary Ink is the brain child of Jordan and Lindsay Denny that launched in October 2015 to a flurry of impressive media attention. Now, anyone can try-on any tattoo design, before they commit to permanent ink.

How it Works?

  1. Upload an image of your tattoo design to Momentary Ink
  2. Momentary Ink creates a replica and ships it to your door
  3. You apply the tattoo with the Momentary Ink’s proprietary secret solution
  4. Enjoy your tattoo for the next several days

“We find that many of our customers order 2-3 of the same tattoo at a time because they want to experiment with the placement more so than the design.” – Jordan, founder Momentary Ink.

EVERY tattoo below is a custom, temporary tattoo from Momentary Ink!

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Studio Partnership

First, let’s cover some facts.

  • 79% of people surveyed, who were interested in getting a tattoo, said they would purchase Momentary Ink before getting the actual tattoo.
  • 100% of Momentary Ink customers said they were MORE likely to get the actual tattoo after trying it on.
  • 39% said they were willing to pay MORE for the actual tattoo after trying it on with Momentary Ink

How it Works for Studios

  1. The artist creates a custom design for the customer
  2. Momentary Ink creates a replica and ships it to the customer’s door
  3. The customer applies the tattoo with the Momentary Ink’s proprietary secret solution
  4. The customer tests different sizes and placements
  5. The customer returns to the tattoo studio to get the real thing

There is no charge for the artist or studio to be on the Momentary Ink Studio Partner Program.

The artist can charge any amount they want for the design and, since they are uploading the files to Momentary Ink, the customer is not taking the design to another artist. Your design is protected.

Momentary Ink can already be found in Baltimore area with the Studio Partnerships expanding every day.


Attention Artists and Studio Owners

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