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Tattoo Artist Magazine Issues: TAM is considered the best, most informative and most important tattoo magazine EVER, by tattoo artists themselves! – We’ve worked with over 200 of the Best Tattoo Artists in the world to create something nobody else ever has. If you have an established or aspiring artist to shop for this holiday season, nothing could help them pursue their career more than the library we’ve assembled over the last 12 years, featuring the VERY BEST tattoo artists in the world and HOW they got there! Full of history, tips and lessons they learned along the way! — Serious tattoo fans will love them too! — Be sure to use this PROMO CODE at checkout: TAM50 — for PRINT – & – TAMdigital50 for DIGITAL ISSUES —

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TAM Vol.1 Hardcover Book: Enjoy 60% OFF this holiday season!! — TAM Vol.1 collects the first 5 issues of TAM, (which have been sold out for years and considered collector’s items), into a single volume for easy reference. It features some of the most influential tattoo artists today, with more than 300 pages of art, tattoos and history. — Start your TAM Library Today!

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Gods & Warriors Book: SAVE $142 on this oversized 10″ x 14″ hardcover book, featuring more than 220 pages of Traditional Japanese Style tattoos from Master artist Chris Trevino, plus it has dozens of fold out pages to better showcase back pieces and full body tattoo designs, a rad slipcase, and protective dust jacket. Chris Trevino’s work is considered some of the best in the world, and it also includes his in-depth interview, chock full of tips and lessons he’s learned along the way! — Anyone who loves Japanese tattooing will cherish this book forever! —

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SAVE 75% TODAY!! — Set of 10 random TAM video cd/dvds, each featuring multiple in-depth artist interviews and footage of each artist at work.

REGULAR PRICE $100 – YOURS for ONLY $25.00 !! – A Great Gift for any artist –

— Random selection of Artist Interviews will include SOME of these artists: Oliver Peck, Horiyoshi III, Grime, Marcus Pacheco, Filip Leu, Sabine, Chris Trevino, Hunter Spanks, Tony Hundahl, Scott Harrison, Scott Sylvia, Jeff Rassier, Juan Puente, Frank Lee, Steve Byrne, Phil Holt, Matt Shamah, Chris Odonnell, Jeff Gogue, Shige, Civ, Bob Roberts, Jason Brooks, Chad Koeplinger, Thomas Hooper, Robert Ryan, Paul Booth and many others!

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