Tattoos Based on a Special Moment

Tattoo design has expanded greatly in the past few years and influences now come from all corners of the globe, ranging from British street art to Pacific Islander tribal patterns and all points in between. While most tattoos are based on a love of the image or art, a new trend in tattoos is using the medium to commemorate a specific moment in time, whether it’s an important event, marriage, birth of a child, or something else equally momentous. Here are a few examples of tattoos based on a special moment. 

Wedding Tattoos 


They’ve been a thing for a while now, but wedding tattoos are really starting to take off. While the usual version is just a single line band, plenty of couples are putting their own spin on things, with intricate designs, images of diamonds, and tons of other creative ideas. Why get a wedding tattoo? Well, it makes perfect sense. A tattoo lasts forever and a marriage is the same (at least that’s the idea). As with writing your own vows, the wedding tattoo trend seems to have taken hold and is showing up on more and more fingers. Even though there are countless wedding tattoos out there, there is definitely one more famous than all others.

When Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles tied the knot in 2008, it may have been a quiet wedding, but news quickly spread that in addition to a ring costing a reported $5 million, Beyonce and her hubby also exchanged wedding tattoos. Instead of a traditional band, the wedding tattoo is simply the Roman numeral for 4 – IV. The number is meant to symbolize many things at the same time, including the date of their wedding (April 4) as well as both of their birthdays (September 4 and December 4). While recent rumors have stated that Beyonce may be getting the tattoo removed, it’s still an interesting way to apply the wedding tattoo concept.

Overcoming Obstacles 

webster-tm-tattooFor many people, a tattoo can also celebrate a personal accomplishment in life, such as with the case of blogger “nonotjulia.” After training for half a year, she entered a local Tough Mudder event. Like a marathon, but filled with obstacles, the Tough Mudder is an extreme challenge. It was created by two Harvard graduates not challenged enough with the already difficult task of running a marathon. Finding an audience, they created a 10-12 mile obstacle course that has been adapted all over the world. The strenuous course requires participants to not only go the distance but also to complete all sorts of obstacles along the way, like the Funky Monkey, a set of monkey bars that have been coated with butter and mud and raised above a cold water pool. Needless to say, the Tough Mudder is a serious challenge.

After completing the Tough Mudder event, nonotjulia went to a local Toronto tattoo artist to have the art permanently inked onto her thigh. Not only representing the obvious challenge, nonotjulia says that the tattoo also marks her perseverance through a difficult part of her life and that anything is possible with hard work and determination. The art of the tattoo may be simplistic, but it carries a heavy meaning and anytime she sees it, nonotjulia can instantly renew her sense of self-motivation. For her, completing the Tough Mudder was a life-changing event and deserves a permanent reminder. 

A Life-Changing Win 

Jean_MonturyLike nonotjulia’s endeavor, Jean Montury had a life-altering moment of his own that merited a tattoo. The French poker player decided that a tattoo was the best way to memorialize his recent win at the European Poker Tour stop in Malta. While winning a poker tournament may seem par for the course in the case of a professional poker player, the first major score a player makes has a profound effect. With a large win, the money can drastically improve a player’s life, as is the case with Montury. His cash prize of €687,400 is certainly life-changing money and could be the impetus Montury needs to fully join the poker circuit and take his shot at greatness.

The tattoo itself may not make immediate sense to those that see it, but it makes sense to Montury and that’s all that matters. Composed of two elements, the first is a Maltese cross, obviously symbolizing the location of the big win. The second part is the famous red spade icon of PokerStars, which is how Montury made it to the tournament in the first place. Entering an $11 satellite tournament, the poker player parlayed a win there into an entry to a $700 satellite, with the top prize being a package to enter the Malta event. As you may have guessed, Montury took down the $700 satellite, got his seat, and managed to make it through a tough international field to win the tournament. 

For the Love of a Child 

baby portrait on face

Of course, the most obvious application of a tattoo based on a moment is when a new child is born. It is certainly a momentous occasion and a tattoo is warranted, but it doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Christien Sechrist was quite proud when his son, Perseus, was born and made the usual decision to get a tattoo, but his placement choice may have been slightly less-than-optimal. Sechrist took to Facebook to announce the new ink and was met with a decent bit of criticism. The Houston resident may have had his intentions in the right place, but a tattoo that covers half his face may not have been the right execution of those intentions.

In most cultures, tattoos play an important role, often marking the transition from one phase of life to another. For the examples mentioned above, all of their tattoos have this symbolism and will serve as a permanent reminder of a moment that completely changed their lives. Even in cases like Sechrist’s, the intention and the reasons behind the tattoo are what matters. For the new father, Montury, nonotjulia, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, their tattoos are an expression of what matters most.



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