“The Amazing Phoenix tattoo on my post mastectomy breast”, Anne Sanchez

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Warrior: Anne

Artist: Shane Wallin

Shop: Garnet Tattoo Studio, San Diego, CA

Here’s Anne’s Story:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer way back in 1990 on Valentines Day. Even though aunts on both my mother’s and father’s sides had had bilateral mastectomies, I was still shocked. I can remember walking through the lingerie department and thinking I would never look pretty in a bra again, or especially without one.

anne_mastectomy_phoenix_watermarkedThe doctors recommended a full mastectomy to give me the best survival rate. Most reconstructions don’t last forever, so I have had 2 implant replacements over the past 25 years for a total of 4 surgeries on that breast.

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My husband has been wonderful, in fact, he proposed to me when I was diagnosed.  I always wanted a tattoo to cover my scar and uneven nipple reconstruction. It took me all this time to think of the perfect design and get up my nerve! Well, it was definitely worth the wait because I found Shane Wallin. I really appreciate his professional approach, artistic ability and attention to detail. The studio is so welcoming, clean and non threatening, especially to a “first-timer”. I am letting all my other “survivors” know about your outstanding artistry and support. I have to tell you how happy I am every time I look in the mirror and  see my amazing tattoo. I have had great compliments. Thanks and blessings.  anne_phoenix_mastectomy.tattoo_close_watermarked

And, Shane, Thanks again for the amazing Phoenix tattoo you did on my post mastectomy breast! It is so beautiful and I am so happy and proud.



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