8 Full Back Tattoos on Strong Women

Like any great work of art, there is a combination of talent and vision to bring a piece to life.  Large scale tattoo work is a huge commitment for both the collector and the artist. A full back piece like these often require 6-10 sessions of 4-6 hours each, and could take even 100 hours or more to complete. This is dedication. Large scale work should NOT be entered into lightly. Long hours of work and suffering (and payment for those long hours of work) are being committed to the project by both parties. It is a relationship and, like all relationships, it will be based on mutual understanding and trust. Some artists who have been burned over and over again by clients who fail to finish large tattoos, require a binding contract before taking on new clients, simply so they can know that the time they spend in this process will come to fruition– a finished tattoo. That really IS their prize- to complete one more piece for their happy clients.

These images were submitted to our Instragram from around the world and we are honored to share then with you here.[divider]

Full back piece by Anthony Ortega
Beautiful work. Geometric shapes perfectly integrated with elements from nature.  Creative and captivating.

Anthony Ortega


Tattoo by Dave Regan
Dave is one fn’ AMAZING and versatile tattooer, (follow him). Excellent shading and placement on this elegant, asian themed backpiece.  The flowers are the perfect element to tie everything together.


Dave Regan


Full Back Piece by Dea Vectorink
Very reminiscent of saloon motif. Rich color with elements that evoke movement and a sense of grandeur.



Full back, buttock and thigh by Henrik Grysbjerg
There are a number of traditional elements like the skulls and eagle that are perfectly nestled in the over all design.  Very creative use of negative space.


Henrik Grysbjerg

Full color back piece by Lehel.  
Lehel is renowned for his style of “perfect chaos”.  This is a very unique perspective to tattooing in general.



Full back tattoo by Sam Smith.
Very bold use of color, creating vivid texture.  This piece looks like it came right out of a fairy tale.

Sam Smith


Tattoo by Luca Ortis
Traditional Japanese Koi, wonderful shading and placement.

Luca Ortis


Tattoo by W.T. Norbert
A sailors dream . . .love the way the hair takes on the natural curves of the water and then gently wraps around the girl, framing out the entire piece.

W.T. Norbert[divider]

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