Tattoo Artist Magazine BLOG: top 10 recent skull tattoos

There are so many awesome skull tattoo designs out there, here you will find a top 10 list taken from TAM’s recent FaceBook posts, as submitted by one of our esteemed readers! Thanks for the blog post submission, Emily!

Starting off with a sick Grim Rippah’ tattoo by Tomas Vaitkunas! Amazing black and grey technique. We really can’t wait to see more of Tomas’ work.

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Here’s a cool more traditionally based cowboy skull, Tattoo by Mike Shaw.
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Aww, a nice valentine DEATH HEAD SKULL Tattoo by Andrea Giulimondi.
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What a super backpiece Tattoo by Victor Portugal.
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Two recent skull Tattoos by Augis.

Tattoo Artist Magazine's photo.  Tattoo Artist Magazine's photo.
Here’s TWO super sick tattoos by Matthew Henning. It’s really exciting to see the new breed of artists making their mark in tattooing with such amazing, out of the box, tattoo work.
Tattoo Artist Magazine's photo.      Tattoo Artist Magazine's photo.
How many people know who Nikko Hurtado is? He blew the doors off of the percieved limitations of modern tattooing and had a guest spot on LA Ink…the rest is hostory!
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Yet another hyper-realistic Tattoo by one of the true masters of modern tattooing, Nikko Hurtado.
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(*NOTE: If you are are Nikko fan, be sure to pick up a copy of his superb interview in Tattoo Artist Magazine #21 to learn how this construction worker became one of tattooing’s most celebrated and talented artists. It’s an amazing story, and one we’re proud to share!

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