Interesting Facts About Blossom Tattoos

One of the most popular designs of tattoos for women is blossom tattoos, along with butterflies and angels. Although this design is generally related to East Asia’s culture, it has now spread through the Western part of the world. Its popularity stems from the nature of the design, colors and its rich meaning.

Let us look more closely at different aspects of blossom tattoos.

Facts About Blossom Tattoos

Meaning behind the Tattoo

Cherry blossoms mean different things to different countries. In China, cherry blossoms signify power and love. This tattoo is suitable for a woman who is strong and has high respect for her freedom.

In Japan, this flower signifies high regard for life and temporary sadness. Having this tattoo could mean that you treasure your limited time in this world and you are aware that everything is not forever.

Blossom Tattoos

Adjustment for Men and Women

As previously mentioned, due to the nature of its color, blossom tattoos are more commonly seen in women. However, if a tattoo artist knows how to reign in choosing and adjusting the colors and design in such a way that it appears masculine, then men can wear this design. For example, the artist can use black ink for the entire blossom and incorporate skulls and fire images to go with the sakura design.

blossom tattoos for men

For women, even the flower itself is enough to create a powerful and striking design. Depending on the personality of the person getting a tattoo, she can also add in images of hearts, koi fish and even quotes to make it more complex.

Interesting Facts About Blossom Tattoos
Tattoo by Karl Marc

Where to Place the Design

Although the most common kind of this flower is called Somei Yoshino which is mostly white with a hint of pink, there are other varieties of cherry blossom tattoo designs. To get the full view of the design, it is best to have it big. This is especially true for those who want to make the flower tattoo blossom as they grow or mature in life.

Interesting Facts About Blossom Tattoos

Normally, the blossom tattoos are placed at the back area moving diagonally to the side of the body going up the ribcage. Some people prefer to only put it on their back part.
If you want to make it highly visible, then inking it around the leg and on the shoulder is also possible. One interesting placement of these blossom tattoos is by wrapping the branches around the arms working the design from the wrist up the arm and even through the shoulder.

Now that you know the facts behind blossom tattoos, you can decide for yourself if this is the suitable design for you.

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