Celtic Style Tattoos and their Universal Meaning

In history, the Celts have exceptional talents in the world of the arts. Celtic artifacts like potteries, jeweleries and other ancient Celtic artworks serve as tangible proof of their creativity and expertise. The natural things found in the environment have been established by the Celts as symbols of humanity and the progress of time. There is an abundance of symbolism in Celtic art and they represent almost every facet of the human life. No wonder people have been inspired in coming up with Celtic style tattoos as they can relate these symbols to their own experiences.

Celtic tattoo desing

Continuity is a significant quality of Celtic art. Starting line and finish line generally do not seem to be present in Celtic symbols. The symmetrical and detailed designs make the art more interesting. Their shapes have the same form in any direction one would look. Spirals and knots can also be implicitly seen in their symbols. At times, the complex details and extraordinary symmetry make the Celtic symbols difficult to copy onto the skin as Celtic style tattoos.

Celtic spiral animal tattoo
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The following are some of the common elements in Celtic style tattoos:

1. Spirals

Celtic sleeve tattoo
Tattoo by the great artist, Pat Fish. Www.luckyfish.com


Single spirals – signify the radiation of spiritual energy. Depending on how a person looks at it, the direction of the radiation may be different. It may be inward for some and outward for the others.

Double spirals – They represent balance like the existence of equinoxes.

Triple spirals – These generally symbolize female strength and energy through their various stages of development. Every spiral embodies a maiden, a middle-aged and an old woman.

2. Cross – This represents the passageways between the earth and heaven. When a Celtic cross is combined with a circle, a ringed cross is created wherein the circle means eternity.

Celtic cross tattoo
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3. Triquetra – a symbol that is connected with nature, mysticism, and religion. The triquetra symbol resembles three leaves arranged in a way that the pointy tip of every leaf makes up the symbol’s three corners. The attractiveness of Celtic style tattoos depends on their distinctive design components that imply significance of the events or things located in both physical and mystical worlds. Most people who have Celtic origins have this kind of tattoos.

Triquetra tattoo design

Because of the universal meaning that these symbols have, even those who do not have a Celtic background have these Celtic style tattoos as well. It is really amazing that ancient customs like Celtic art has been well-kept and still present in the 21st century by means of practicing the art of tattooing.


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  1. Being of irish/blood, I have always been drawn to the celtic designs. Also love the mystic ideals too. Thank you for helping it make sense.

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