TAM Digital Issues Now Available


TAM-Digital-IssuesWe are proud to announce that All 36 Issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine are now available in digital editions. Available on the App Store for iPhone/iPad or digital download at www.GetTAM.com



Tattoo Artist Magazine (TAM) has been in circulation since 2003 and is a self-published professional tattoo artist trade journal.

TAM is the only publication created by a tattoo artist, specifically for tattoo culture/artists and their international community. The magazine features only the world’s best tattooers and for that reason TAM is held in highest esteem among the tattoo community.

The magazine’s goal is to present the professional tattoo community with a body of work that reflects and respects its traditions and artists. Tattooers featured in the magazine regularly interview other tattooers and artists they believe can help inspire or educate the community.

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