Tattooing From Life DVD : Death In Bloom

By Jared Preslar

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Investing in ones self…

For years I have been purchasing instructional DVDs from amazing artists and I have always been very appreciative of their willingness to share information.  I started my apprenticeship in 1994 with an artist who was self taught; as you could guess this was a very frustrating journey and my mentor did not have much to offer.  I would ask questions and get answers back like “I don’t know how Filip Leu gets such large smooth gradients”.  He did not have the answers to what I wanted to know.  This method of apprenticeship was not ideal at all, and consequently it took me many extra years to learn what I could have learned in half the time had I searched out the proper experienced mentor.

In the meantime, I started getting on forums, talking to artists, and compiling pages and pages of conversations containing helpful information.  I was so grateful to be getting some sort of help, even if it wasn’t from my mentor, because other artists from the forums, DVDs, seminars, and books ended up becoming my mentors.  I started seeing that anyone could attain this information as long as they had the patience, motivation, and discipline to receive it. My mentor however, was not one of these people, and wanted me to share all of the information I was obtaining through my hard work and perseverance. I thought about this for awhile, and decided I was not willing to share with someone who was not willing to invest in themselves and take the time just like I was. If someone is not willing to take the time, spend the money to travel etc, then they are where they are because they have created that reality.  Successful people, not just financially, have worked very hard to be where they are and in my experience they are always continuing to learn.  Continuing education is key in any profession.

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Over the years I kept buying DVDs, traveling to seminars, and buying books. I would talk to any artist whom I looked up to if given the opportunity, and soak up any information they were willing to share.  I have accumulated quite the library for art and tattooing, and still have every bit of information I have collected from 1994 to today. I cannot express how appreciative I am to the artists who give back like this. Some people say this is unethical and people need to learn the old school way, I could not disagree more. People who are sharing this information, like for example, are innovators in the industry. They are bringing education to people through technology. I am very impressed by how many are willing to take the time, spend the money, and offer this information to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves. I feel that Guy Aitchison is a person who truly gives back; he and are pioneers in this field of sharing within our industry and I highly recommend taking a look at the sites educational material; it has helped me a lot over the years.

To this day, I still spend the money to purchase the DVDs, books, webinars by, and travel to seminars. I will never stop doing this, as I believe a person should improve every year, and if not then they are doing something wrong.  In the past couple years I have started getting a lot of questions about my process, pigments, etc. which led to formulating a plan to create a DVD to answer these questions. I have no problem sharing this information with artists whom are willing to learn and improve. I do not believe myself to be some all knowing amazing artist, I would just like to give back, as others have done for me over the years.

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I talked about doing this DVD for about a year, planned it, found the right people to help and participate. I have made my process a combination of things I have learned on my own, things I have learned from others, and things I have learned from others but have made my own.  In this first DVD, which will be part of a series, I walk through my entire process of tattooing.  Everything from getting a reference, stenciling, something I call color isolation, and execution. I also talk about my machines and needles of preference.  I hope this DVD gives something beneficial to everyone who decides to acquire it, and I hope that it gives back even a fraction of what I have been given since I started this journey called Tattooing. I would like to thank all of the artists who share their knowledge, and the artists who give seminars, make DVDs, books, and Webinars! Any feedback is greatly appreciated for current and upcoming projects or suggestions for subjects that artists would like to hear more about etc.

The Tattooing from Life DVD is currently on Presale at a discount until after Christmas, can be purchased at  and will be for sell at a couple of the reputable supply companies very soon.

Happy Continued Education,


Jared Preslar

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  1. I have just recently began an apprenticeship. And seem to be doing the same things as you have described in your early years. Actually reading this feels like I just read something I wrote in the future. I am blessed to have some great friends who have 10- 20 years tattoo expeience each. But are, as your mentors were, self taught. I have ran into the same dilemas asking the same questions about large fields of grey scale work. And also using a machine (cheyenne) which no one else is using at the shop has made things a little more difficult as well. Anyway, I very much appreciate and respect the hard work and the generosity of the accomplished artists out there and the willingness to share. Great post. Thank you. Will be sure to check out the dvd.

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