Chet Zar: Ego Death

By Chet Zar

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Ego Death- Part 1: The Concept

From Wikipedia:

“Ego death is an experience that is said to reveal the illusory aspect of the ego, sometimes undergone by mystics, shamans, monks, psychonauts and others interested in exploring the depths of the mind.”

In the first few hours of the first day of 2013, I got a really good idea. That idea was the title and theme of my next solo show of paintings, Ego Death.


It was a cool concept, had a creepy vibe and it sounded good. It also played into the idea that my monsters are representations of our own egos, ugly and scared…and scary. This was something I had been thinking about for some years. I paint from an intuitive place so I never really felt sure what my paintings were about- I just felt compelled to paint them. But when I began to consider the idea that my monsters were just representations of ourselves- our ego identities- it all seemed to make sense.

I also had the idea of presenting the show like a Gothic funeral- a casket, flowers, a cool old Hearse for the parking lot of the gallery, a funeral procession, (among many other funeral related props and events)- a funeral for the ego! I thought this would be the perfect way to display the new ‘ego portraits’ I was planning to paint.

image-297741-full heart eater in progSM

Knowing that I would need plenty of dough to make this happen, I turned to crowd funding via Kickstarter. My estimate to create this show was over $50,000 so I worked hard to come up with really cool and collectable rewards in exchange for donations -lots of limited edition items, sculptures, prints, painting and sculpting lessons, monster portraits for backers, my custom frames (first time ever available!), studies and paintings from the show, etc.

paintings in prog copy

ego death under paintingsm copy 2

So far I am 57% funded with 16 days to go! I am currently painting in hopes that I can raise this money. It will definitely be my biggest and best show to date and I am super excited about it!

If you would like to support the cause, you can donate here:

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  1. I have been through ego death. I think before it happens, its great to talk about and make art out of it, but what is it….really? How do you paint a sunrise when you have never seen a sunrise? We do it anyway until we do encounter it, right? Seems so…

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