Russ Abbott Presents: The Tattooist’s Palette


“The Tattooist’s Palette” seminar is designed by Russ Abbott to help today’s tattoo artists realize the full potential of the color options available today. This interactive seminar gives tattoo artists his years of hard won color understanding, along with a notebook of his secret learning materials and personal interface.

For the first time in history, “The Tattooist’s Palette” will be available to folks on the comfort of their own computer via the live webinar or in person at Off The Map Tattoo in East Hampton, MA. Take note that the learning materials will be available to webinar participants in the form of a downloadable PDF.

In this exciting course, Russ Abbott will take you past the color wheel to a deeper understanding of a tattooist’s palette. Using examples from his own work, Russ will explain a variety of color secrets that will help make your work more interesting and effective.

Sunday, July 28th 3-5 EST.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit:


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