Tattoo Artist Magazine’s ‘Tattoo Nation’ Sneak Peek Opening In Theaters On 4/4/13 (VIDEO)

tattoo-nation-la-sneak-peek-1By Kent Smith
When approached by Eric Schwartz and John Corry (the director and producer) of Tattoo Nation over a year ago, we knew they were on to something good. While they were not apart of the industry, we knew they were doing this movie the “right way.” Eric had taken his time and developed a story that encompassed the true black and grey history of tattooing…

I had seen parts of the movie here and there so I was excited to see the final product. Crash and I flew out to L.A. last week for the premier, the red carpet and media junket. This was my first time to attend a media junket and red carpet event and it was amazing. I arrived at the junket with Casey Keener (our ad sales rep.) and camera guy in tow. We got there and did some amazing but short interviews with Tim Hendricks, Jack Rudy, Good Time Charlie, Freddy Negrete, Corey Miller and the ever popular Danny Trejo.


When the junket was wrapped up we took a short walk down to the ArcLight Theater for the red carpet event and premier. The red carpet was technically only for people in the movie but we were able to persuade the guarders of the carpet to let us walk down get our photos taken by all the paparazzi and continue through the doors of the ArcLight. I was able to get a few shots of myself just for good measure.


The movie opened with a live introduction by Corey Miller and then the film rolled. It was amazing, moving, as well as providing a wealth of history and entertainment. This movie is a must see for any tattoo fan, collector or artist. It tells a story not known by most about the history of the craft in America.

When the film was done a short question and answer panel was done with Ed Hardy, Jack Rudy, Freddy Negrete, Danny Trejo and Good Time Charlie. And then it was on to the after party!

Tattoo Nation opens in two days all across America. Do yourself a favor and go see it!



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