Pep Williams: Tattoo Nation Movie Review

pep-williamsBy Pep Williams
Yesterday I had a chance to see a private screening of Tattoo Nation with the creators of the film: the directors, producers, editor and so on. There were only nine of us in the screening to view it so it was very cool to be invited for a pre-screening of the film. All I have to say is this film is an amazing piece of art and history… 

I have seen tattoo films and they never seem to get it right. It,s more like, look at my work and my friends and how our work is better than others. One word, LAME. What the guys did with Tattoo Nation was they started from the root of how the black and grey and fine-line tattoo style evolved and let it take its course. By doing so you don’t have 9 or 10 guys saying they all did it at the same time.

My Big Homie David Oropeza is one of the producers of the film. He is about as authentic as you can get and in my opinion one of only a handful of people who could have produced it, because he was apart of it.

When Charlie Cartwright opened his shop in East L.A. he wanted to work mostly with black and grey tattoos. So everyone from the neighborhood went there and by doing so changed the course of tattoos forever.

The film completely keeps you interested with no down points. I can almost guarantee when you see this you will want to go get a tattoo. The only bad thing about this film is that it ended. I could have watched hours and hours of this film. A great film, put together by great people. Pure art.



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