Just Eat It: Salsa Verde (Mild)

By Stiff
My inspiration for cooking can come from a variety of things. Sometimes I get inspired by having a dish from a restaurant that I’ve never had before and try to replicate it at home. Sometimes inspiration comes from recipes I may see on television. I mostly get inspired by the certain items I see in the grocery store or farmer’s market.

Sometimes I fail at the outcome of what I’m making and sometimes I succeed. I just like to try new things and expand my horizons when it comes to testing new ingredients or cooking methods.

James, my fiancé is a great guinea pig. He will generally eat whatever I make and is honest about how the food tastes. Unlike James, I myself am much more critical about how my food turns out.

Salsa Verde

1 lb. Tomatillos

1/2 Medium white onion chopped

1 Jalapaño pepper

2 Cloves garlic

1/4 c. Chopped Cilantro

Juice of 1 lime



1-1 1/2 t. Sugar

1 t. Ground cumin

1 t. Chili powder

1 t. Ground cayenne pepper


Remove husk from tomatillos and wash. Boil tomatillos in water until soft.

Transfer cooked tomatillos to a blender and add onion, peeled garlic, jalapaño pepper (discard seeds), cilantro, lime juice and pulse until it becomes a salsa. Add salt, pepper, sugar and spices and blend once more to integrate ingredients. Taste and add more salt and sugar if necessary.

If the tomatillos aren’t cooked all the way through, it can be bitter in taste. This happened to me so I added sugar and it balanced everything out. You can add more sugar to the salsa in small amounts until desired taste has been met.

Serve with chips or on tacos.

In this case, I will top my fajitas with it.

(Stiff is an amateur home cook and food blogger. Stiff can be found at a grocery store, Instagram @stifferoni and Tumblr: http://stiffers.tumblr.com/.)

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