Carl Zimmer: Science Tattoo Emporium

TAM: We would like to introduce a new blogger to the TAM Family, Carl Zimmer. Zimmer is a blogger and writer for both The New York Times and Discover Magazine, which also hosts his blog, The Loom Zimmer writes on a wide range of scientific topics, including tattooing. He is the author of 12 books, the most recent of which is Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed. Time for everyone to get our “geek” on… 

From an entomologist.

Yesterday I asked whether many scientists tattooed themselves with their science. The answer is yes, at least for about a dozen people who responded with their own bodywork, which now appears at the end of the post. Here’s the latest, from an invertebrate biologist. As a tattoo-free person, I keep wondering, when does the screaming stop?

Check out Carl Zimmer’s blog, The Loom and website

Click here to buy his book: Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed.

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14 thoughts on “Carl Zimmer: Science Tattoo Emporium

  1. We’re really stoked to have Carl Zimmer contributing to our community blogspace.
    He’s a brilliant and respected science author; (some of you out there read, right?)
    A few weeks ago, when his “Science Ink” blog and book project caught my attention, I couldn’t resist touching bases with him to see how we might be able to support his unique tattoo project and maybe introduce some of our peeps to cool science stuff at the same time. Check out his books, folks! And visit his real blog, “The Loom”, at the Discover Magazine site!

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