Reach Beyond Death – Group Show at Windhorse Tattoo & Gallery

Reach Beyond Death features 32 tattoo artists from across the United States, each tattoo artist was provided with a high-quality resin forearm cast to paint, draw, or sculpt upon. No limits = exciting results.

Reach Beyond Death enters it’s second and final month, with an April 6th, 2012 reception during First Fridays in Kansas City, MO. [Artists listed on expanded page.]

Alan Thompson
Andrew Milko
Carter Gillizz
Chad Koeplinger
Chad Soner
Chet Duvenci
Chris Lain
Cissy Lala
Corey Lenherr
Dan Paone
Dana Brunson
Jason Saint
Jeff Croci
Jeff Srsic
John Monk
Kevin Leblanc
Mark Galloway
Matthew Crim
Mike DiDia
Mikey Wheeler
Noah Moore
Phil Holt
Rhett Johnson
Robert Klem
Steve Drew
Stormy Jackson
Stu Pfost
Ugly Bill

For more info please contact:

Windhorse Tattoo & Gallery
1717 Wyandotte St. Room 200
Kansas City, MO 64108

Many thanks from us,
Gatlin & Windhorse

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