Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival: On the Road in Virginia (VIDEO)

By John
The 19th Annual Richmond Convention was… ah… screw-it!  Just watch the video:

There is no way I can say anything even as remotely entertaining as Grant and Tony’s impromptu hotel karaoke session, so here is the short-attention-span-thearte/A.D.D. version of what went down in RVA…

Extra special thanks to Casey Martin, Kelly Shaw and Craig the dog for letting me stay at their place when the Hilton kicked me to the curb… (PS: Boycott the Hilton in downtown RVA for next year, total nightmare #occupythemarriott…)   Also big thanks to the following peeps and peepettes: Hunter Spanks, Tony Hundahl, Grant Cobb, Oliver Peck(er), Alex Trufant, Angel, Louie, and Dre @Dringenberg Co. (you guys rule!) Dustin Golden (for holding it down and reppin’ Chi-Town with me… Go Bears!) C.J. Starkey, Nate and everyone that helped put on the show…

See ya down the road, suckas!

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