Japanese Mythical Creatures from Gomineko Books

Courtesy of Gomineko Books: Our new Japanese Mythical Creatures book is finally in the works. Illustrations of Kappa, Kirin, Baku, Nue, Kitsune and Tsuchigumo from over 120 different artists world wide. Reserve your copy today through the website: www.gominekobooks.com.

This book will launch at this year’s Brighton tattoo convention and will be available at the Milan show as well. The pre-orders will ship the first of February 2012. We have about 50 copies of the limited edition hardback copies left that were made for the participating artists available while they last on the website as well… xoxo -Gomineko

Size: 8” x 11.5”
Pages: 228
Published: 2012
Price: $48
Binding: Softcover

Pre-order and more info here: www.gominekobooks.com

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