Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Opens on November 5th, 2011

Dear Tattoo Friends,

November 5th is the big day: The opening of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

The evening is for the public on Museumnacht (museum night, tickets:… [More info on expanded page]

See ya all November 5th!


Henk & Louise, Jeannette, Almar, Foske, Tessa & Annemarie


On the 5th of November the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum will open its doors to the general public. The largest collection in the world ‘the mother of all art’: tattoo, is on exhibit. Founder and inspiration of this museum in the three monumental buildings on the Plantage Middenlaan, is tattoo phenomenon / artist Henk Schiffmacher.

His museum is the largest and first professional one to represent tattoo culture in the entire world. The museum exhibits tattoos from all cultures and subcultures, from Prehistoric times up to today; tattoos from the army, gangs and jailbirds, sailors, hookers, circus artists and even those from high society and royal families are all on display.

The personal (over thirty-year-old) collection by Henk Schiffmacher forms the backbone for the museums exhibits. Hundreds of tattoo machines and hand tools, countless amounts of photographs, flash (tattoo examples), drawings, statues and even human tattooed flesh, are part of this unique collection.

This museum offers more than just a space for presenting unique artifacts. Henk Schiffmacher: “Here lays the epicentre of the tattoo: the ‘Tatican’. The museum has an information center and a library which holds the world’s largest archive of tattoo books. Workshops, seminars and expeditions are held to unravel tales of lost tattoos. And there is a tattoo shop that offers guest tattoo artists from all corners of the world to show off their skills.

Schiffmacher: “The museum is alive! The public can even add to the museum’s collection by contributing a personal story or experience through crowd-sourcing.”

This museum does not run on permanent experts alone. There is a co-workmanship with Partners Aan Het Werk. Through work- learning programs for those whom are fundamentally separated from the working community the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum offers these people a chance to participate and contribute to the museum. This rare manner of co-workmanship is crucial when establishing the museums mission.

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