Tim Lehi: Tattoos from the East Coast

Courtesy of Tim Lehi: Back home from east cost, did some days at KINGS AVE. MANHATTAN then a few at JINX PROOF in DC, had a great time at both places, these are a few tattoos from the trip…

[More photos on expanded page]

Visit Tim Lehi’s blog here: http://timlehi.blogspot.com/

Tim can be found at Black Heart Tattoo in San Francisco, CA.

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One thought on “Tim Lehi: Tattoos from the East Coast

  1. Sooo stoked to be able to post some of Tim Lehi’s pics here.
    His feature article is coming soon to TAM.

    By the way, to all our tattooer friends out there trying to figure out HOW to contribute a blog, this is as simple as it can get. Show some new tat pics and briefly comment on a few of them. (ummm….at least 3 paragraphs, ok?)

    *In this case, shameless self-promotion actually works to the benefit of the entire community (when you share new tattoo pictures) because we are exposing people to, (and hopefully teaching them about),– GOOD TATTOOS!

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