Paul Booth ‘Reincarnates’ Last Rites Tattoo Parlor

Come one and all! Not to be missed!

The second evening to our reincarnation weekend is when we drop the black curtains and launch the all new Tattoo Theatre area of our space. Not only is this another chance to take in the art of Chet Zar and Craig Larotonda, but on this special night you can truly soak in the entire Last Rites experience

And to really bring it home, appearing on our new performance stage, we have two of our favorite partners in crime making a special appearance: Jamie Kilstein, our favorite stand up comedian (you may have seen him on Conan O’Brien) and totally uncensored! And making a special trip all the way from Budapest, Attila Csihar, vocalist from the infamous band Mayhem, presenting his solo dark ambient project VOID OV VOICES. Together, these two artists truly represent the driving force of Last Rites philosophy. Along with a strolling funerary violinist. You truly DO NOT want to miss this!

But wait! We have yet one more special offering to complete our weekend! Sunday brings a great time to wind things down as we bring great painterly talent together from our family of artists to paint live at Last Rites. This is a great opportunity to witness these masters bring their stunning creations to life right before your eyes. Feel free to mingle and soak in an immense degree of creative energy and artistic inspiration.

Artists for Sunday’s live painting event include:
include Shawn Barber, Kim Saigh, Chet Zar, Genevive Zacconi, Angie Mason, Fred Harper, Billy Norrby, Matt Rota, Martin Wittfooth, Paul Booth, The ArtFusion Experiment & more!

Events Schedule Below:

Friday July 22nd:

Last Rites Gallery Opening Reception:

Chet Zar and Craig Larotonda
Doors open 7pm until 11pm
No cover
Refreshments served


Saturday July 23rd:

The unveiling of the all new Tattoo Theatre
Doors open 7pm until real late!
$10 cover charge after 10pm
18 and over
Refreshments served

MC’d by our very own abomination… MINIcHRIST

Piles of cool give-aways and prizes from our awesome sponsors!


Schedule for evening’s main events:

8pm – The unveiling ceremony of the new Last Rites Tattoo Theatre

10:30pm – Jamie Kilstein

Midnight – Attila Csihar / Void Ov Voices


Sunday July 24th

The Painting Lounge
Doors open 3pm until 11pm
No Cover
Refreshments served


So there you have it kids!

We know its a big weekend but be assured, if you appreciate the Last Rites
Aesthetic and the Dark Art Genres it is dedicated to. You surely will not be

We truly hope to see you all here! If you want to send someone to cover the event please contact me for press passes.

Brian Lima
Director of Apparitions
Last Rites Art Gallery & Tattoo Theatre
511 W. 33rd Street
New York City, NY 10001
Biz – 212-529-0666
Cell – 702-885-8659

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