Helltown Friday The 13th Art Show

Are you superstitious? Well, Helltown Workshop is! Well for the last two weeks of May anyways. Friday the 13th gave the Provincetown, Massachusetts gallery a chance to get very superstitious. Over 20 artists exhibited works that showcased the weird, the wild, the dark, the distressed, the silly and the mysterious side of our obsessions with Friday the 13th and superstitions… [Video and pictures of expanded page]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_1Gdbh8XlE&w=560&h=349]
The event, co-sponsored by Coastline Tattoo, Cape Cod Beer and George’s Pizza Pub, showcased paintings, drawings, assemblage and sculpture from local, as well as invited guest artists from the tattoo community.

Kris Smith and Scott Bruns of Coastline Tattoo (who are two of the partners in the five artist collective known as Helltown Workshop) put the word out to some of the tattoo artists they have shared space working with through the years. Fellow tattoo artists joining the exhibit this year were Ozzie Perez, Joy Less Posh, Chris Midkiff, Braden Kendall, Tony Edwards, Alice “No Where” White, Eric Eaton, Dave Steele and Adam Shields.

The exhibit also featured the work of Joey Mars, Shawn Morris, Ramiro Davis-Comas, Kit-Kat Harrigan, Dan Langhans, Christina Gusek and Adam Mulcahy. A myriad of broken mirrors, black cats, devils, tarot cards, spiders, poison, twisted sailors and sea monsters all peered down upon the gallery goers during opening night, as good and bad luck floated about. Haunting dreams and debilitating insecurities all swirled around in a haze of excitement and mystery.

The gallery is entering its third season with a full schedule of exhibits featuring low brow and outsider art from around the country. If you make it to the vortex tip of Cape Cod this summer be sure to check out the scene at Helltown Workshop: www.helltownworkshop.com

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