Artist Profile: Beppe Strambini (VIDEO)

By Jeff Rassier:
Beppe is one of those rare tattooers that learned to tattoo without any direct local influences. Because of this, he developed a style that is all his own. His tattoos are rooted in the classic styles but developed in a different way than most of the tattooers I know. He is so devoted to tattooing in all he does that whenever I visit him it amazes me how many days a week he works and how many hours he puts into his drawings. [Video on expanded page.] 


He gave me a book of his tattoo drawings that he made just for ideas to bring to a convention and it blew my mind- all these perfect, tight line drawings, great composition, clever ideas. Man, so cool. He hasn’t had much press, so this is probably the first time a lot of people will be seeing this stuff, It’s so slick, so well tattooed. I love it.

Beppe is one of my favorite people on the planet. If  you get a chance to go to his shop, do it! Ink Addiction is the most amazing shop .It’s what movies in the 1960s thought the year 2011 would look like! He’s a great person with an honest love of life and tattooing.

His wife is amazing and his shop is great. Go visit him, get drunk in the town square, and get tattooed. And he’ll kick your ass in tennis!

Beppe can be found at Ink Addiction in Verona, Italy.


(Beppe is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #25)

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