Artist Profile: Jack Rudy (VIDEO)

Jack Rudy is a world-renowned tattoo artist and has become a staple in the community by producing a body of work spanning 35 years. Jack and his peers revolutionized the genre of black and grey, fine-line tattooing making it one of the most popular styles found in today’s culture…[Video and pictures on expanded page]


Jack Rudy was born in 1954 and raised in South Central, CA and moved to Lennox in 1960.

Jack was fascinated with tattoos from childhood when he would accompany his parents to the Pike in Long Beach, which quickly became known as a major hub for west coast tattooing in the 60s and 70s.

Jack joined the Marines when he was 18 years old and served for two years when he met (Good Time) Charlie Cartwright in 1973. Jack and Charlie instantly became friends and Jack began to work for Charlie in the summer of 1975.

Jack still lives and works in Southern California at Good Time Charlie’s Tattooland in Anaheim, CA. Jack is a living legend in the tattoo community and his work to improve and educate within his profession in unparalleled and unprecedented.

(Jack Rudy is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #25 available now.)

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3 thoughts on “Artist Profile: Jack Rudy (VIDEO)

  1. Jack Rudy is ‘The MAN!’
    While we were at the NYC convention over this weekend, Jack came by and graciously signed some copies for fans. One guy paid $20 for the Sharpie he used. haha

    Thanks for a great issue, Jack!

  2. Mr.Rudy is phenomenally gracious… special thanks for the trip to the candy store in Detroit, and the support with quitting smoking!
    cool to see him honored here 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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