Rollo & Me Comic #2

The “Rollo & Me” strip is a series of stories told by Keith Underwood and illustrated by Dan Henk which appear regularly in Tattoo Artist Magazine. They chronicle Keith’s experiences living with and working alongside one of tattooing’s greatest icons of the 20th century- Mike ‘Rollo Banks’ Malone. Mike departed this life in 2007 but these stories represent Keith’s healing process and are figuratively supposed to occur on the couch of his therapist.
Enjoy. There’s more to come. [Full comic on expanded page]

(As seen in issue #21 of Tattoo Artist Magazine)

Dan Henk can be found at:

Keith Underwood can be found at: Austin Tattoo Co. and Taylor St. Tattoo.

(Mike Malone was featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #6)

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  1. Fuck yeah…when he did mine in 1989, shaved me with a non-disposable straight razor, no gloves, and he was smoking while working. Was actually cool to be able to smoke while getting work myself(after the outline only he said…guess he wanted those lines super crisp)!

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